How much per square foot ?

What would we pay for cars if we bought them by weight?  Dodge Caravan $6.25, Lincoln Continental $9.75, and the Porsche 911 would cost $ 23.66 per pound.  I am sure that questions will be asked about what model,what options,etc.  Doesn’t the same apply for housing?

Very often I am asked to give a cost per square foot as a yardstick so the home buyer can use this as a dollar figure to calculate value received versus money spent. Many customers multiply the square footage by cost per square foot to arrive at a selling price, ignoring all the other factors that may have a bearing on the total cost. In the best case scenario this is only used for general budgeting.

Some builders believe they must lower their price in order to make sales so they start “guesstimating” the winning number they believe their customer wants to hear. When this happens, the whole buying process degrades down to price – not quality, serviceability, aesthetics, or performance. Price sensitive companies often use marginal labour and materials in an effort to win jobs and preserve profit margin.When this happens, the purchaser ends up being cheated by paying for a home that could have been a lot better – and they would have paid more if they had known. Since consumers do not buy homes on a regular basis, they have no experience comparing their options. The only element that they can reasonably compare is price.

Owen Homes will not be the cheapest builder in town because there are a thousand ways to have a lower price by using cheaper hardwood, cheaper glass, cheaper design, and cheaper labour, etc. Clients must have trust and confidence in their builder in both price and quality . There is an old saying that goes like this- “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

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